How do you puree without a blender?

Can you puree by hand?

One of the most popular uses for a food processor is to puree food, but you can do it by hand if you need to. To start, simmer, boil, or stew the food until it’s soft and almost falling apart. Then, mash the food with a fork or a potato masher until it takes on a smooth, even consistency.

What can I use in place of a blender?

9 Food Processor Alternatives

  • Blender. The easiest and most effective replacement for a food processor would be a blender. …
  • Mixer. …
  • Chopper. …
  • Grinder. …
  • Large grater. …
  • Mortar And Pestle. …
  • Rolling Pin And Plastic Bag. …
  • Cook Until Soft.

Can you puree with a whisk?

Use ample warm liquid (water, stock, …) to thin it from mash to purée as you go along, and a generous knob of butter wouldn’t hurt if your recipe will accommodate it. Once the purée is thin enough, a bit of brisk work with a wire whisk should take care of any little irregularities.

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Can I puree with a hand mixer?

An immersion blender — also known as a stick or hand blender — can blend, puree and emulsify, she says. A standard jar blender can also handle rougher tasks such as crushing ice, but it requires more liquid to achieve smooth results. … A hand mixer can beat egg whites in a bowl, but it can’t tackle bread dough.

How do you puree tomatoes without a blender?


  1. Wash and remove the seeds from the tomatoes. …
  2. Cut them into small pieces.
  3. Boil on medium heat till soft. …
  4. While still hot, pass the boiled tomato pieces through a sieve with a wire mesh. …
  5. When done, you’ll have very smooth tomato puree in the pot and tomato skin in the sieve.

How do you puree strawberries without a blender?

6 Easy Ways to Puree Strawberries (Without a Blender)

  1. 1 – The Muddling Technique. This is a technique that is used mostly by bartenders when making delicious cocktails, but it can also be used in place of a blender. …
  2. 2 – Using a Food Mill. …
  3. 3 – A Sieve. …
  4. 4 – Use a Food Processor. …
  5. 5 – Use a Chef’s Knife. …
  6. 6 – Steamer Basket.

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Can I make dough in a blender?

The shape and size of an electric blender container is unsuitable for the task of mixing bread dough. … The blades over which the container fits are too short and sharp to be able to turn over and blend the dough so that enough air permeates the dough to allow it to rise.

Can I make soup without a blender?

There’s no blender needed: use a potato masher!

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Many potato soups call for transferring the hot soup to a blender. But no blender is needed here! You’ll cook the potatoes until they’re falling apart, then mash them right in the pot using a potato masher.

What can a food processor do that a blender Cannot?

A food processor can easily handle dressings, sauces, dips, spreads, frozen desserts, and nut butters. If you let your food processor run long enough, you can even get smooth results (although not quite as smooth as if you used a high-speed blender).

How do I puree carrots without a blender?

Carrots are soft when cooked and puree to a smooth consistency. Put the carrots into a steamer set over boiling water and cook for 15 to 20 minutes until tender. Alternatively put the carrots in a saucepan and pour over just enough boiling water to and cover with a lid, simmer for 15 to 20 minutes until soft.

Can I use an electric whisk instead of a food processor?

If it’s the whisk type, it will be fine to use, it may be bet to do ingredients separately, as sometimes these are not as powerful as food processors.

How do you make apple puree without a blender?

My preferred method is cooking on the stove top.

  1. Peel and core the apples. Peel, core, and chop the apples into large chunks.
  2. Transfer the apples to a large pan. Add a little water (just enough to help them steam) and cinnamon (optional or sub for other spice.)
  3. Cover and Simmer. …
  4. Puree.

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Can I blend soup with a hand blender?

If you’re making a smooth soup, such as tomato soup, split pea soup, or a bisque, an immersion blender is the perfect tool for pureeing your soup. You can achieve the same result by ladling a few cups of soup at a time into a blender or food processor and blending.

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Can you use a hand blender as a whisk?

hand held electric hand mixers ( you know the kind with the two whisks attached) have traditionally been the tool to use. Food processors and hand blenders can also do the job. So for mixing i would say its to do lighter things like egg mixing, you’ll need a strong one to mix heavy batters and doughs.

What is the difference between a blender and a liquidiser?

As nouns the difference between blender and liquidizer

is that blender is a machine outfitted with sharp blades, for mashing, crushing or liquefying food ingredients while liquidizer is (british) a machine to chop or puree food.