Do blenders sunglasses have a warranty?

Blenders Eyewear guarantees their products with a 45-day warranty policy. This includes all manufacture defects from lens blemishes or peeling, loose or broken hinge problems, loose/bent nose pieces, breaking or defective arms, frame cracking, etc. However, this does not include any damage from typical wear and tear…

Do blenders sunglasses have UV protection?

A majority of our sunnies come with 400 UVA/UVB protection! That’s 100% coverage from the harsh rays of the sun. There are 2 collections with glass lenses that offer 300+ UVA/UVB protection.

How do I return my blender sunglasses?

Here’s the deal: Jump onto our returns page, , to generate a return label and shipping instructions. Then use those instructions to ship off your return to HQ :) DON’T FORGET! YOU HAVE 45 DAYS FROM YOUR PURCHASE TO EXCHANGE OR RETURN THE MERCHANDISE IN LIKE-NEW CONDITION!

Are blenders sunglasses worth it?

Trustpilot ranks Blenders with a 4/5-star rating with only 4 reviews, and all of the comments are positive. Customers are quick to point out that the sunglasses are stylish and fit well, which prompted them to buy more than just one pair. “I purchased 3 pairs of Blenders and am IN LOVE!

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Are blenders sunglasses made in China?

US Customs Records Notifications available for Blenders Eyewear. See their past imports from Taizhou Kangcheng Import&export, a supplier based in China. Follow future shipping activity from Blenders Eyewear.

Are blenders Sunglasses Made in USA?

San Diego, California-Based Blenders Eyewear Repurposes Portion of Manufacturing to Produce Safety Goggles.

Are blue light glasses real?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology says you don’t need them and has gone on record as not recommending any kind of special eyewear for computer users. The organization says blue light from digital devices does not lead to eye disease and doesn’t even cause eyestrain.

Can you return blenders eyewear?

You have 45 days to return or exchange your sunnies! All returns are free, no restocking fees or hidden interest! We will email you a pre-paid shipping label. … Then check your email and get your return label to shoot it back to us!

How fast do blenders sunglasses ship?

Standard shipping is 3-5 business days once shipped. First Class shipping is 3-4 business days once shipped.

How do you clean blender sunglasses?

– Always rinse your Blendz with tap water after taking a dip in the pool or in the sea. – Periodically wipe away sweat, oil and other residue that may transfer onto the frame to keep the your sunnies fresh. – Wash your cinch bag periodically to help keep it clean and debris free.

Who manufactures blenders eyewear?

How the Blenders Eyewear founder turned a $2,000 loan into a $90 million business in 7 years. Chase Fisher, Blenders Eyewear founder and CEO. Chase Fisher had his multimillion-dollar business idea at a San Diego nightclub in 2011.

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Are Shady rays good?

For the money you can spend on fishing sunglasses, Shady Rays is worth a look. The warranty alone, as well as the charity work in helping with hunger issues across the US, made them an easy choice for us. The performance and fishability has made us repeat customers.

What are polarized sunglasses?

On polarized sunglasses, the filter creates vertical openings for light. This means that only light rays that approach your eyes vertically can fit through those openings. The lenses will block out all the horizontal light waves bouncing off a smooth pond or a shiny car hood, for instance.

How much do blenders sunglasses cost?

Blenders sunglasses sell for about $40 to $60, depending on the style. They’re not cheap, but they’re not prohibitively expensive either. The frames feel sturdy without being overly heavy, and the lenses — often polarized — are clear.

How much did blenders sell for?

Surfer’s Pacific Beach sunglass brand, Blenders, acquired by Italian giant at $90M valuation.

When was Blenders Eyewear founded?