Can you use a spice grinder for coffee?

The majority of blade spice grinders available are also marketed as coffee grinders (sometimes exclusively so). While these devices can be used to grind coffee, the reality is you’re probably better off with a burr grinder for coffee.

Are coffee grinders and spice grinders the same?

Spice grinder vs Coffee grinder: the difference. Spice grinders usually use blades to grind spices and herbs into small pieces, whereas coffee grinders usually use conical burrs to grind coffee beans into grounds.

What can I use instead of a coffee grinder?

Grind Coffee Beans: 5 Different Grinding Procedures

  • Mortar and Pestle. Traditionalists and pharmacists have used this method over the years to grind spices, medicines and herbs to into fine powder. …
  • A Standard Blender. A normal home blender is a great coffee grinder alternative. …
  • A Rolling Pin. …
  • A Hammer. …
  • A Knife.

Can I use a pepper grinder for coffee?

We bet you didn’t know that you can use your pepper grinder to grind coffee beans, did you? Most people don’t! But if your pepper and salt grinder can do a “coarse” setting, go for it!

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What can you do with a spice grinder?

Use with yogurt and fruit, add to smoothies, sprinkle over salads and grind over soup and any other food (sweet or savoury). They do not have much of a taste and do not affect the flavour and texture of food, but will give you a healthy dose of nutrients with just a flick of the grinder.

Which spice grinder is the best?

Here are the best spice grinders:

  • Best overall: Secura Electric Coffee & Spice Grinder.
  • Best manual spice grinder: Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Grinder.
  • Best electric grinder on a budget: KRUPS Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder.
  • Best manual grinder on a budget: Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Grinder.

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Can I grind nutmeg in a coffee grinder?

Nutmeg is the one thing I’ve found that doesn’t grind well in a blade coffee grinder, it just bounces around like a roulette ball. Breaking it up with a hammer first helps, but it still tends to end up gritty and needs to be finished by hand in the mortar and pestle.

Can I grind coffee beans in a magic bullet?

The Magic Bullet appliance has features that make it work like a coffee grinder. … Attach the flat blade to the unplugged Magic Bullet unit according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Fill the container as directed with coffee beans and close the unit.

What is the best way to grind coffee beans?

How To Do It

  1. Place a measured amount of coffee into the plastic bag or between two sheets of parchment paper. …
  2. Lay the bag flat on the counter.
  3. Using the pin like a hammer, press down to crush your beans.
  4. Once crushed, roll the pin over the beans while pressing down hard enough to crush the bean fragments.
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Does Walmart sell coffee grinders?

Cuisinart Coffee Bar Coffee Grinder – –

What kind of pepper do you put in a grinder?

To get the best results, we recommend you to use only dry, hard, whole peppercorns that are 5 mm (1/4″) or less in diameter. Black, white and dry green peppercorns can be ground in Peugeot pepper mills. The pink berries can be ground only if in a blend (max 15% pink) with one of these other peppercorns.

Can a pepper grinder be used for salt?

The pepper grinder is made up of large and small grooves. … One word of caution: You should never use salt in a pepper grinder or pepper in a salt mill. The salt will corrode the metal used in the grinding mechanism of a pepper mill and the metal in the salt mill is not hard enough for peppercorns.

What spices can you grind?

Many spices are available in whole form or ground such as nutmeg, cloves, coriander, cumin, fennel seeds, achiote, black pepper, hot peppers, and many others. Some, like paprika, are only available ground.

Can I grind wheat in a coffee grinder?

Using a coffee grinder to grind wheat is a great and inexpensive way to make delicious homemade bread for cheap! The thing to remember is that you need to sift your flour after you grind the grain in the coffee grinder. Only grind grain in small quantities so you don’t jam your grinder.

Can you grind spices in a burr grinder?

There are two standard types of electric coffee grinders: the electric blade grinder and the burr grinder. … Burr grinders don’t produce ground spices quite as fine as you can get with blade grinders, and they can have a tough time handling larger spices and those with husks, like cardamom pods.

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Can I use a food processor as a spice grinder?

But unless you’re making those more than once a week, a small food processor or spice grinder will do just fine. And while a food processor is great for coarse pastes of ginger, onions, and garlic, a blender will render a much finer paste.