Quick Answer: What is the largest Lodge cast iron skillet?

What is the largest cast iron skillet?

We tripped across this massive unmarked skillet while hunting for vintage cast iron the other day and it “accidentally” ended up in the ever growing FINEX collection. It is well over 20 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep and weighs in at a ridiculously heavy 36 pounds and 3 ounces.

What sizes do cast iron skillets come in?

If you’re scratching your head over which skillet size is right for you, fret not — this is the easiest decision to make when it comes to cast-iron cookware. After all, there are only three sizes you should even consider: the 8-, 10- and 12-inch skillet. Here’s how to pick between the three.

What size is lodge 8sk?

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Lodge L8SK3 Specs
Handle Length 4 3/4 Inches
Maximum Diameter 10 1/4 Inches
Top Diameter 10 Inches
Color Black

What is the biggest skillet size?

Bigger is Better: The 14-inch Pan | Kitchn.

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What can you not cook in cast iron?

4 Things You Should Never Cook in Cast Iron:

  • Smelly foods. Garlic, peppers, some fish, stinky cheeses and more tend to leave aromatic memories with your pan that will turn up in the next couple of things you cook in it. …
  • Eggs and other sticky things (for a while) Once your pan is well-seasoned, no problem at all. …
  • Delicate fish. …
  • Acidic things—maybe.

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What cast iron skillets are worth money?

The most desirable pan is #1 – they’re super rare and worth $1,000 each, despite their small size. #2, 11, 13, and 20 are not as rare as #1 but rare enough to be quite valuable. If you see one at a low price, snag it.

Should I get a 10 or 12 inch cast iron skillet?

I use the 10″ cast iron frying pan when I really want a nice sear on certain things (where cast iron rules) or if I’m baking something like a frying pan cake or Dutch Baby. In those cases, a 12″ pan would be too large.

What is the smallest cast iron skillet?

The Lodge 3.5-Inch Mini Cast Iron Skillet is the smallest of the iconic manufacturer’s line, billed as being perfect for solo meals, frying an egg, or showcasing trendy restaurant-style individual desserts. It shares the classic features of cast iron skillets.

Is a 12 inch skillet too big?

The 12 inch skillet is big enough to roast a chicken, sauté pork chops, sear steaks, brown a pound of sausage, or make a big round of cornbread.

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How big is a 12 inch skillet?

Furthermore, cookware size categorization oftentimes includes rounding down to the nearest inch (but never up). It’s very common for a frying pan to measure in at slightly above its marketed length — a 12 inch designation simply means the pan measures in between 12 and 13 inches.

What is a Lodge skillet?

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is made for decades of cooking and comes pre-seasoned for an easy-release finish that improves with use. … Oil the surface of the pan with a very light layer of cooking oil while warm. Hang or store the cookware in a dry place.

How do you date a Lodge cast iron skillet?

Lodge Skillets

If the pan has notches in the heat ring and also features the text Made in USA, it is Lodge skillet that was made in the 1960s. However, if the unmarked pan has raised letters at the bottom and a handle with a number on it, then it was made in the late 1800s to early 1900.

What is considered a large skillet?

The average size of a skillet is 8 – 12 inches in diameter. So grab one that is 12 – 14+ inches. As a final note, this deep wisdom has been brought to you by google. I would call 12″ Large.

What is the best 12-inch nonstick skillet?

This new and improved skillet is our overall winner. All nonstick skillets will eventually wear out, so the OXO model’s affordable price is an added bonus. But if you require an induction-compatible skillet, the All-Clad Stainless 12″ Nonstick Fry Pan is an excellent, though considerably more expensive, choice.

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What size cast iron pan should I buy?

We would recommend a 12-inch skillet if you’ve got a lot of food to cook for your family. If you’re cooking a full meal for two or more people, 12 inches is a perfect size. Otherwise, a 10 inches pan will work best if you are just cooking solo. An 8 inches pan can be too small, in many cases.